(Yes, I know blogging has been light. I’m working on that.)

Confession time.

I’ve never seen any of the FAST & FURIOUS movies.
Not out of any sort of elitism, mind you. My tastes are decidedly eclectic enough to embrace any film of quality that has contains footage of cars doing the smashy-smashy. (If I could afford it, I’d have the upcoming Shout! Factory Blu-Ray of Zemeckis’ USED CARS on Pre-Order.)
No, just never saw the first one. Then I gave the second one a pass be cause I never saw the first. Then I missed the third one because..well, so on and so forth.
And by the time the…I want to say fifth one hit and everyone and his Uncle Floyd started started yelling that the series was shaping up to being a bowl of big, dumb, fun. There were just way too many for me to go back and catch up on.
The fact is that between trying to crank out one short a month and a deteriorating attention span, I’m not one of these folks who can do binge watches. I have three friends from my college days who have long running series that I have never seen an episode of. Not because of professional jealously. (I’ll cop to being an asshole sometimes but I’m not THAT big an asshole.) It’s just I never started the shows from episode one and now they’re all just these giant mountains of media that make me woozy. So if I can’t make time for dear friends, what makes you think I’m going to carve out time for the F&F movies?
Which is kind of a damn shame because this trailer for HOBBS AND SHAW looks like it’s going to be a primo slice of meathead cinema.
You’ve got Idris Elba who in lieu of being Bond, is going full Bond Villian. You’ve got some peachy keen car stunts. And you’ve got two high chrisma action stars who need to work with each other to save the world while clearly hating each others breathing guts.
In short, this looks like the platonic ideal of dumb fun.
Honestly, half of me wants to see this right now. The other half is resigned to the fact that I may watch the first ten minutes when it hits Netflix and/or dig the eventual episode of JUNKFOOD CINEMA it inspires.

(EDIT: February 9th.) From the “Dear God, how dense a motherfucker am I?” Department. I just double checked IMDB and realized that David Leitch directed this.
Refresher, David Letich is also known as one of the guys who directed JOHN WICK and who recently made DEADPOOL II. Also known as “That guy who hangs with Keanu Reeves and has mad action chops.”.
The split to see this now/wait till Netflix just shifted to 70/30.