THE TALE OF BILLY ('S) JOHNSON gets into another film festival.


From the Film Freeway page. 

  • "Motion Pictures Film Festival (MOPIFF) is the first of its kind, a touring film festival set to embrace diverse cultures around the world. The festival will be held in different countries around the world each year, the maiden edition will hold in one of the fastest growing cities in Africa, ABUJA the capital of Nigeria. MOPIFF accepts all genres of films from film makers across the world.
    The 3 days event will feature live film screenings, workshops, pool party, cultural presentation and exhibitions and Cocktail award night."

The event will be on August 29th to the 31st.  Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend because...well, shit. It's in freaking Nigeria. Even if I had the money to go (Which I don't.) the idea of spending 16 hours on a coach flight fills me with a Lovecraftian horror and dread.

However, I am deeply grateful to be selected for the festival and I hope the audiences enjoy the short.

And as always, my thanks to Mig Windows for bringing the thunder like she always does.