Personal updates for July. PLUS a few commercial plugs.

-For various reasons too numerous to mention, we were unable to get a short done for last month, which means I'll have to find a way to slam out two this month. So don't expect a lot of blogging on this end for this month.

-On the other hand, I have started writing pieces for MEDIUM because apparently, I need another side hustle to feed my filmmaking habit.  So far, I've written pieces about Roseanne Barr's Twitter Fingers, those sad nerd bastards who are trying to remake THE LAST JEDI, and a few words on the passing of Harlan Ellison. (The last piece was tough. Harlan was one of the people who made me want to be a writer since having my brain scorched by APPROACHING OBLIVION as a wee boy.  If you know of a shy kid in need of a full cup of literary courage, shove some Harlan Ellison into his hands. You'll be glad you did.)
Anyway, if you like the pieces, feel free to throw some claps my way.  It puts some much-needed pennies into my pockets.

-Speaking of pennies, I feel obliged to remind you all that I have a TeePublic store. There you can get not only T-Shirts but all kinds of swag with our logo on it. If you want to tell the world how much you love our stuff, say it by wearing us. And again, the money gets plowed into future projects. And again, check out our Patreon page

-More comingLater.