-Light posting on the blog because I'm way behind schedule for writing the script for June's short. This is because A) I've been starting to blog about Politics again over at Medium and 2) I've been doing still photography for my kind of dormant HitRECord account. And this doesn't even cover my day job.
Have I mentioned that my last real vacation was in November of 2016?
So in lieu of anything substantial to share. Let me tell you about a couple of movies I saw in the past month.

SOLO (2018: Directed (Mostly.) by Ron Howard.) is fine.
It's decent.
It's not an event STAR WARS film. It's a heist film that just happens to take place in the STAR WARS universe. And that's fine. With Disney committed to making one STAR WARS a year between now and the sun going Supernova, not every one of them is going to be an earth-shattering pop culture event. STAR WARS is now a franchise, like the Marvel Movies or The Bond films.  That means some will be better than others and some will be...not. 
And I'm fine with that. Simply because some of you people are taking this shit way too Goddamned seriously.
Honestly, as long as none of them feature Chewbacca snowboarding down a mountain to a public domain cover of "California Girls", I'm fine.
But getting back to the film. It's solid. Anytime you get Lawrence Kasdan writing a STAR WARS movie, you will get a pace that doesn't let up and more solid laughs than most studio comedies.  I've been on the Alden Ehrenreich train since HAIL, CAESAR" and his only problem is that he's not Harrison Ford. (A problem he shares with 99.9 percent of the population and occasionally Ford himself when he has a bad head cold.) I dug Emilia Clarke but you have to spot me my fondness for tiny Brunettes. Woody was Woody and that's more than enough. And Donald Glover as Lando was there to remind me that Sexuality is a spectrum.
It was a fun two hours at the movies. Joe Bob Jensen says Check It Out!

MANHUNT (2017, Directed by John Woo.) 
John Woo is a Stealth Madman.
Oh sure, in interviews, he comes across like a genial older uncle who talks about love and friendship. But give him a movie camera, a dedicated stunt team and a shitload of guns and he'll go as batshit as a Carney on Meth.
MANHUNT has a script cobbled together by seven different writers and barely makes a lick of sense. Imagine THE FUGITIVE if someone rewrote it to change Provasic into Captain America's Super Serum and you have a sense of the madness at hand. Not that it matters because the script is simply an excuse for John Woo to stage his trademark brand of bullet ballet. (There's one sequence in a secluded farmhouse that comes dangerously close to reaching the giddy heights of HARD BOILED.) Honestly, find a way to muddy up the film's overly digital sheen and this could fit in nicely with Woo's Nineties filmography
I for one, celebrate Woo's return to small-scale action filmmaking. And look forward to seeing what Woo has in store for us next.

More later.