NEW TRAILER DROP: "You Think You're Better Than Me?"

In this new short from Celtic Ray Filmworks, a man is accosted by a hobo trying to exert his self-worth in defiance of his actual personality. STARRING: Scott Ford and David Schepper. Written and Directed by Richard Jensen

I have to give a public shout-out to fellow Filmmaker Michael Ricci.  When I posted the initial edit on my Facebook page asking for help with some sound issues, he was nice enough to let me call him and have him walk me through the insanely technical fix that was required. 

Also, one of my biggest problems has been that I've haven't been able to make accompanying trailers for my last round of shorts.  (In my defense, the previous shorts didn't really lend themselves to trailers. Which when you think about it, is a pretty weak ass defense. I really need to be better at this sort of thing.)

In the meantime, I'm meeting actors this week for WHITE POWER FAILURE and I should hopefully have that one finished by the end of next week. And I should have both shorts on Film Freeway within the next couple of weeks.