TRAILER TANTRUM: "The Man who Killed Don Quixote"

I am an atheist. But if I did believe in God, I'd strongly suspect that he has a hate boner for Terry Gilliam.
BRAZIL famously had him fighting with Universal.  BARON MUNCHAUSEN got knee-capped by an incompetent producer. He called TIDELAND one of the easiest productions he ever had and it got him the worst reviews of his career and I'll be damned if I can find it anywhere.
THE BROTHERS GRIMM/Harvey Weinstein.  'Nuff said.
But DON QUIXOTE has been his white whale, the film that's bedeviled him forever.  A previous attempt to film this with Johnny Depp fell apart a week into shooting. Actors and script drafts have flown by faster than a meth-addled pigeon. And even after finishing the damn thing this past year with Adam Driver and Johnathan Pryce, he still has to deal with an idiotic lawsuit and blowback from his recent comments about the #MeToo movement. 
(In fairness, God had nothing to do with the last hiccup.  That was all Gilliam being an old white guy. The man has three daughters and I hope they all took turns slapping him upside his damn, fool head.)
In spite of that last hiccup, I still love Gilliam's work and I want this film to kick my ass.
So am I still expecting that ass-kicking after seeing the trailer?
The answer is a firm...maybe?

The cast seems game. I'm tickled that Pryce is back, playing De Niro to Gilliam's Scorsese. I'm down with Adam Driver. And the framing and mise en scene feels appropriately Gilliamesque. But still...
I've watched the damn thing about four times and all I'm getting back from my soul is just a shrug. And this is from a man who has at one time, owned the Criterion Edition of BRAZIL in both DVD and Blu-Ray. 
Honestly, it's not a bad trailer. It's just not making me pumped for the film. Mostly, I'm just in shock that the Goddamn thing exists at this point. But that's about it.
And frankly, being indifferent to a trailer for a Terry Gilliam film is a burst of spiritual ennui I did not need right now.